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Series 2

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All talks commence at 7.00pm (doors open 6.30pm) the Council Chamber, St Ives Guildhall.

2012-2013 Series

The St Ives Trust is concerned as many St Ives residents at the proliferation of new development in and around the town. However, we are anxious to state that we are not against the principle of new development as this is indicative of an active and healthy economy and community. The Trust’s concern is that there needs to be far greater consideration for the need, the siting, scale and design of the buildings and their surroundings.

The St Ives Trust held the first series of Trust Talks in Autumn 2012. The talks are intended to inspire, inform and promote a debate towards a better designed future for the town. In this first series we will focus on the qualities of St Ives, by inviting the speakers to give an architectural critique of the environment evaluating its past, present and future.

With the great support and expertise of “Alban’ the creator of St. Ives TV, the Trust has recorded the first Trust Talks, we hope you find the video’s as interesting and engaging as those attending the live Talks did at the Guildhall.

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The idea for this series of talks was to invite practitioners; architects and urban designers that have an involvement with the town to give some insight into their practice, to develop a critique of the town and initiate a larger discussion for the future of St Ives. One of the many benefits St Ives had is to attract good practitioners; artists and architects, critics and thinkers to give of their experience. As a civic society we hope that the St Ives Trust has a role to play in expanding the opportunities that this most extraordinary town has.

The first two talks demonstrated the benefits to be derived from design. Design is not just about how things look but a way of understanding. Understanding how things go together, a way of seeing and a way of creating new and beneficial relationships.  The first speakers Jamie Fobert and MJ Long demonstrated through their work precisely how this approach can get under the very skin of what’s here to gain direction for what can be added – or taken away

Both of these talks emphasised the idea that context is a catalyst not a constraint. This is very relevant to our situation where change needs to be managed to our benefit and so our very distinct context should be the basis for raising our ambitions. The introduction of the Planning and Localism bill last year was intended to give Local Councils and communities greater control over their local development.

The talks are free and the St Ives Trust welcomes new members.

Thank you to our Speakers

What can Localism do for you? 29th January: John Pollard. John Pollards Report

St Ives: Traffic in Historic Towns. 22nd January: Malcolm Buchanan. Malcolm Buchanan Report

Design of the Built Environment in Cornwall30th October: Nitin Bhasin. Natin Bhasins Report

St Ives: A place for Architecture 25th September: Jamie Fobert. Jamie Forberts Report

St Ives: Growth and Change16th October: MJ Long. MJ Longs Report


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