Trewyn Gardens Development

Proposed sale of nursery site
The intended sale of the nursery site in Trewyn Gardens by Cornwall County Council for housing has not been well received by the Town Council nor local residents. In response to this potential development the St. Ives Trust  has taken the iniative to produce two draft design briefs with the intention of steering appropriate and high quality use of the site.

Proposition for high quality development
The St Ives Trust has developed two briefs; one for housing and one for a public gallery to encourage high quality development of the site that will be of benefit to the town.

Brief: Trewyn Gardens

These briefs have been sent to the Chief Executive; the Cabinet Member for Localism, Sustainability and Devolution; the Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources and the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning at Cornwall Council. We have requested that the sale of the site is conditional upon the adoption of such a brief.

We are appealing for a Patron to come forward to explore the proposition of a public gallery.

Improvement of the public realm
What may be gained from the proposed sale of the Trewyn Gardens nursey site? The proceeds of the sale could be used to fund the re forming of some of the unloved and unwelcoming spaces of St Ives into good public space. The town is constrained and tightly woven, without a huge expansion we will not attain the recreational space standards promoted by the National Playing Fields Association but we can think about the real improvement of what we have. Giving up the prospect of extending Trewyn Gardens may produce funding to improve our existing amenities.

There are opportunities to improve the public realm. The work currently undertaken for the Tate extension identified the possibility of transforming the pedestrian route between Barnoon car park and the Tate Gallery into a generous public space. The proposition to transform that space is a useful catalyst to developing a strategy to realise a series of public spaces and make a more cohesive public realm for the town.

In place of an impulsive reaction to prohibit development in the town we can take this opportunity to promote well designed architecture and develop a cohesive plan for the public realm of St Ives. We urge members and residents to write to Cornwall Council to support the adoption of a design brief to promote the highest quality development on the site and the retention of the funds derived from the sale to directly fund improvements to the public realm. This approach proposes allowing the town to continue to live and evolve; a plan to work with what we have and improve it.

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