The Role of the Trustees

The Trustees’ are a small group who give their time freely to the Trust. We organise events, activities and initiatives in support of the Trusts constitution, within the limits of our resources. We are also responsible to the Charity Commission for the legality of the Trusts status, it’s accounts and it’s financial security.

The Trust is able to function through the generous support of it’s members and the donations it receives. We use this income to support and promote the activities of the Trust for the enhancement of the town.

The Trust welcomes the help of Trust Volunteers and partners to run Member Campaigns.

The Trustees 2011 – 2012

Chair: Rex Henry
Treasurer: Geoff Wiggin
Secretary: Estelle Doughty DipArch RIBA

Elected and Co-opted members

Prof. Sebastian Halliday
Dr. Yorick Benjamin
John Grimble
Beth Grossman
Richard Sorrel

Registered Charity No. 254692

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