Trust’s Programme Update

The following four points by the trustees were adopted as part of our ongoing programme for the town.

1. The St. Ives Trust has as its long term goal the development of a well conceived town plan. they is no such plan at present which has the support of the town or is one  being prepared or discussed by the present local council. The situation for local government is in the process of change but as yet this is still only being reveal in stages or in outline by the government. What is sure is that without a coherent local plan a policy of lassez fair will prevail and the town subject to the problematic development and piecemeal actions.

The town is increasingly attracting its seasonal visitors and with all that it brings to the town it is necessary to strike the right balance between a sustainable tourism and an attractive town for use by visitor and resident alike. encouraging good well designed development is part of that process but not at the expense of the proper facilities, both social and environmental that the town needs to survive year on year. Along side tourism the town needs to establish what it requires for its long term life.

We are looking to establish ongoing links with local groups, councillors and commerce to discuss such a plan, to develop its objectives and organise its adoption and implementation.

2. We are for good design and have a good record in influencing planning policy on this issue. We would want to encourage positive projects that bring more to the town than another grouping of miniscule flats for short term letting. A place for more permanent houses is a continual cry and this must be part of the plan. we want to see the front free of cars and pedestrianised with good signage, new town surfaces, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants tailing its length o provide a real centre for the town.

3. We see the artistic and creative history of the town as integral to this plan. the town is on the map internationally as a result of the tate coming to St. Ives, and the establishment of some extremely good galleries and craft outlets . It was a place where artists would come to work but in these increasing difficult times we have seen the eruption of these spaces or rent have increased so much that sustaining a painting or craft production is extremely difficult. To address this we have embarked on a project to bring back the studio and creative work spaces which we have lost and to give the town back some of its artistic vitality. We have made good progress in this and hope to make some positive announcement soon.

4. We are a civic society and as such we would want to add to the towns life and discussions. we plan to establish a series of talks that will hope address the town concerns and provide food for thought. the first of these will centre around the issue of localism and what it means for st. ives and these start in november.

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